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Job Evaluation

The role of job analysis, job descriptions and job evaluations

To succeed in today’s competitive global economy, organisations need to take a strong interest in how jobs are defined, described, graded and remunerated. The numerous activities of an organisation would be impossible to manage without well-defined jobs.  Jobs provide the means for organising activities into manageable units and departments within the organisation.

Once the organisation’s scope and purpose has been determined, all the different tasks that need to be performed to achieve that purpose need to be defined and written up into different job descriptions. The job descriptions may include the most elementary of tasks to the most complex tasks needing to be performed within the highest levels of the organisation.

Jobs provide the means for organising activities into manageable units. Jobs performing similar tasks or working with the same systems would typically be clustered together into major divisions and departments within the organisation.

Job analysis and job descriptions

Job evaluation Systems

The Risma Services with regard to Job Evaluation including Job Descriptions and Grading.

Assistance with Salary Surveys


Related services

  • Company documents: RISMA can develop the Job Evaluation Policy, the Paterson Job Evaluation System document (containing detailed grading rules), Job Description Writing Procedure and Job Description Template for the company,
  • Information sessions: RISMA can hold information sessions with management, employees and union/worker representatives to explain the benefits and structure of the Paterson Job Evaluation System and their respective roles in the writing of the Job Descriptions,
  • Systems Training: RISMA can train employees in the Job Description Writing procedure and assist them to compile and write the Job Descriptions. We can also train the company representatives on the grading committee in the Paterson Jog Evaluation System and Grading Rules.


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